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Spider Veins – Laser Vein Removal – Rocklin

Are you bothered by appearance of spider veins or varicose veins on your body? Varicose veins are the raised network of veins that typically appear around the legs. Spider veins are the smaller blue and red blood vessels that twist and turn but are visible on the skin. Both can be unsightly, and varicose veins can sometimes be painful. If you are hoping to remove varicose or spider veins, laser treatment is an effective method.

Laser vein removal treats visible veins by applying bursts of laser heat-energy that destroy the offending vessels without damaging surrounding tissue. The laser treatment may take a few sessions to achieve the final results, and it will be important to avoid sitting or standing for longer than two hours at a time during your recovery period. Discuss your goals with an experienced practitioner like Dr. Roy Harris to determine if laser vein removal can help you.

Contact us at our office in Rocklin if you’d like to discuss spider veins and varicose vein treatment in further detail.

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