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The Time Machine

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Fresh, youthful, vital skin is no longer for the young. Men and women of any age who have begun to experience unwanted aging symptoms — or younger clients with early aging signs — now have a comprehensive solution that restores the healthy and vibrant skin they once had. Best yet, you can achieve this visible rejuvenation without invasive procedures, lengthy downtime or significant risk. Physicians Laser Aesthetics & Cosmetics has developed the Time Machine™, a suite of minimally-invasive but highly-effective procedures that can boost skin tone and brighten tired-looking skin.

What is the Time Machine(™)?

The Time Machine is a non-surgical program that uses multiple modalities that can help your skin look anywhere from five to 10 years younger, depending on your original skin condition. While a more traditional approach to skin treatment will focus on which procedure will most successfully address the patient’s chief concern, the Time Machine is transforming the beauty industry by offering an individually customized treatment program that uses multiple — from three to six — key modalities to produce optimal results for our clients. The treatment approach is exclusive to Physicians Laser, where we have invented and refined the treatment with outstanding results for our clients.

What areas does the Time Machine treat?

The Time Machine treatment is effective in treating the more delicate skin of the face, including the forehead, face, neck and chest areas. If you have rejuvenation concerns in other areas of the body, you can easily have a Time Machine treatment in conjunction with additional procedures — often during the same office visit — for full body rejuvenation. If you have multiple concern areas, talk to your medical provider about your needs during your in-person consultation and they can formulate a treatment plan to treat all your issues.

What treatments does the Time Machine include?

The Time Machine is a proprietary combination of select facial rejuvenation techniques that deliver results quickly. One of the primary techniques used in a Time Machine treatment is a fractional ablative radiofrequency treatment which promotes skin tightening, lifting and resurfacing. This advanced RF treatment rebuilds valuable collagen in the skin, which is crucial for having healthy skin tone and achieving softer, smoother skin.

In conjunction with the fractional ablative RF treatment, the Time Machine also employs Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to boost your results. PRP is a treatment in which your body’s own growth cells are safely harvested from your blood and reintroduced into your treatment areas. The process helps treated cells regenerate, enhancing the overall results of your treatment. Clients can have as many as four additional procedures to heighten their results further based on their skin condition and needs.

Am I a candidate for a Time Machine treatment?

The Time Machine Treatment is safe for all skin types and for adult patients of all ages. To make sure you are a candidate for a Time Machine treatment, however, or to discover alternative treatments which you may benefit from, schedule an appointment with a Physicians Laser doctor today. After an in-person consultation, your doctor will outline your recommended course of treatment and answer any questions you may have about your procedure or recovery. Your comfort with your treatment decision is the primary concern of your doctor.

How long does the Time Machine treatment take, and is there any downtime?

The Time Machine treatment is a fast and effective procedure that takes, on average, only about an hour or two to perform. After your treatment, some swelling and redness are natural but will be temporary. You will have some downtime after your treatment; however, this period lasts for no more than two to four days. It is not uncommon for patients to have their Time Machine treatment on Friday and return to work on Monday, for example. The symptoms you will experience are mild and very manageable and most individuals are comfortable immediately after treatment and can soon begin to enjoy their results.

What results can I expect from my Time Machine treatment?

Physicians Laser’s Time Machine treatment offers clients many direct, visible benefits. Among them, our patients experience:

  • Significantly condensed pore size;
  • An excellent reduction of brown pigment;
  • Improved acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Optimally enhanced volume in the skin;
  • Healthier skin tone;
  • Increased skin hydration and youthful brightness.

The Time Machine suite of treatments stimulates the body’s innate healing response, naturally boosting the production of collagen and elastin and giving your skin a healthy, refreshed glow. Results develop over time as your body replenishes the skin with increased collagen. In a few weeks, you can enjoy your final, long-lasting results.

How long will my results last?

With a Time Machine treatment, you really can look five to 10 years younger, enjoying the skin tightening and lifting benefits of a facelift but without an invasive procedure. The treatment’s wide array of benefits in a quick and cost-effective procedure make it not only a wise choice but also a relative bargain among cosmetic treatments, especially considering its high-quality, readily visible and long-lasting results. The fast procedure time and minimal downtime also make it a convenient procedure for those who demand the best but don’t have the time to invest in a more complicated treatment. Occasional touch-ups may be required to maintain your final look, and your Physicians Laser doctor will outline an optimal treatment schedule so you can continue to look as good as you feel.

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You no longer have to settle for less-than-flattering skin because now you can have an effective suite of treatments that can replace a facelift for many individuals. Your Physicians Laser doctors have helped thousands of patients achieve results they thought were not possible without surgery, and they look forward to helping you enjoy the same, lasting results for years to come. Patients in the Sacramento and Rocklin areas have a wonderful resource for all their rejuvenation needs in the doctors at Physicians Laser Aesthetics & Cosmetics.

Call now to schedule an in-person exam and determine your candidacy for this revolutionary treatment. You can schedule your appointment by calling 916-625-9131 now. Physicians Laser looks forward to helping you look you best now and always.

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