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The Time Machine

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Have you recently looked in the mirror and wished you could turn back the clock on your symptoms of aging? At some point, everyone does, and it often causes one to wonder what treatment is the best. There are many options, from noninvasive laser and facial procedures that renew skin and reduce wrinkles to more profound rejuvenation techniques.

The good news is that we now provide the Time Machine program, which offers a combination of the best nonsurgical options to revitalize your appearance entirely and seemingly reverse time. These procedures will jumpstart your skin to regenerate and extend the Time Machine effects. The Time Machine is transforming the beauty industry, and we’re proud to offer an exclusive version we’ve invented and refined here at Physicians Laser.

What Exactly Is Time Machine?

Time Machine is a nonsurgical cosmetic program that utilizes multiple modalities to help your facial skin look anywhere from five to 10 years younger. We offer you a customized treatment program that uses three to six procedures and produces the most optimal results.

Physicians Laser takes an exclusive approach, choosing from the best procedures to achieve the highest results for each person. We truly customize your experience to take off the most years possible, starting with your personalized consultation, where we decide which treatments you’ll undergo and create your plan.

What Areas Does Time Machine Treat?

The Time Machine treatment effectively treats the most delicate facial skin, including the forehead, face, neck and chest. If you have concerns involving other areas, talk to your medical provider about your needs during your in-person consultation, and they can formulate a treatment plan to treat all your issues.

The good news is that you can easily have a Time Machine treatment simultaneously with additional body procedures — often during the same office visit — for whole-body rejuvenation. Turning back time on your skin isn’t a one size fits all program. We can address all your aesthetic desires and create your perfect plan.

What Treatments Does Time Machine Include?

The Time Machine program we’ve created at Physicians Laser is a proprietary combination of select facial rejuvenation techniques proven to deliver quick and long-lasting results. One of the primary techniques we utilize in a Time Machine treatment is fractional ablative radiofrequency. This advanced RF treatment rebuilds valuable collagen in the skin, which is crucial for having a healthy skin tone and achieving softer, smoother skin and promotes skin tightening, lifting and resurfacing.

In conjunction with the fractional ablative RF treatment, we include Personal Growth Therapy (PGT) to boost your Time Machine results. PGT is a treatment in which your body’s own growth cells are safely harvested and reintroduced into your treatment areas to help treated cells regenerate quickly. You can have as many as four additional procedures to heighten your results further based on your skin condition and desired goals.

Am I a Candidate for a Time Machine Treatment?

If you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, droopy skin or age spots and prevent them in the future, you might be a good candidate for a Time Machine Treatment. It’s safe for all skin types of adult patients of any age and will be customized to meet your needs.

There may be reasons you don’t qualify for this program of treatments, depending on the condition of your skin or other factors. To ensure you’re a good candidate to safely undergo our Time Machine treatment or discover alternative treatments you may benefit from instead, schedule an appointment with a Physicians Laser doctor for your consultation.

How Long Does the Time Machine Treatment Take?

The Time Machine program aims to provide a quick and effective procedure. On average, it takes only about an hour or two to perform. After your treatment, some swelling and redness are natural but temporary. You will have some downtime after your treatment; however, this period lasts no more than two to four days. For example, it is not uncommon for patients to have their Time Machine treatment on Friday and return to work on Monday. The symptoms you will experience are mild and very manageable, and most individuals are comfortable immediately after treatment and can soon begin to enjoy their results.

What’s the Recovery Like for Time Machine Treatments?

Your recovery time depends on which treatments you have and how many you have. It also depends on your general health. The procedures mentioned above require little to no downtime. You may have some redness, a minor soreness and sometimes light bruising in certain sensitive areas. In most cases, if any of these symptoms even occur, they disappear within a few hours.

After your in-person consultation, your doctor will outline your recommended course of treatment and answer any questions you may have about your procedure or recovery. Your comfort with your treatment decision is the primary concern of your doctor.

What Results Can I Expect from My Time Machine Treatment?

After your Time Machine treatment, you can expect to look years younger, though just how many years depends on your original skin condition. For most of our patients, Physicians Laser’s Time Machine treatment program offers clients many visible benefits, such as:

  • Significantly condensed pore size
  • A reduction of brown pigment
  • Improved acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Optimally enhanced volume in the skin
  • Healthier skin tone
  • Increased skin hydration and youthful brightness

The Time Machine suite of treatments stimulates the body’s innate healing response, naturally boosting the production of collagen and elastin and giving your skin a healthy, refreshed glow that lasts. Further results develop over time as your body replenishes the skin with increased collagen. In a few weeks, you can enjoy your final, long-lasting results.

How Long Will My Results Last?

With a quick and cost-effective Time Machine treatment, you can look five to 10 years younger, enjoying the skin tightening and lifting benefits of a facelift without invasive procedures. After several weeks, you’ll see your final and best results, which typically last up to 18 months. Occasional touch-ups around six months later may be required to maintain your final look, and your Physicians Laser doctor will outline an optimal treatment schedule so you can continue to look as good as you feel.

The short procedure time and minimal downtime make it convenient for those who demand the best but don’t have the ability or desire to invest in more complicated and invasive treatments. The treatment benefits make it a wise choice and a relative bargain among cosmetic treatments, especially considering its high-quality, readily visible and long-lasting results.

Schedule Your In-Person Consultation for a Time Machine treatment with Physicians Laser Today!

You no longer have to settle for aging skin that makes you look and feel older. Now you can have an effective suite of treatments that turn back the clock on those fine lines and wrinkles. Physicians Laser doctors have helped thousands of patients achieve results they thought were impossible without surgery.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the same lasting results for years to come. Patients in the Sacramento and Rocklin areas have excellent resources for all their rejuvenation needs in the doctors at Physicians Laser Aesthetics & Cosmetics.

Call now to schedule an in-person exam and determine your candidacy for this revolutionary treatment. You can schedule your appointment by calling 916-461-4550 now. Physicians Laser looks forward to helping you look your best now and always.

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