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The Time Machine

The Time Machine Sacramento

The Time Machine is a non-surgical program that uses multiple modalities that will leave you looking 5-10 years younger. While traditional aesthetic thought focuses on which procedure will most closely address the patient’s chief concern, the Time Machine is transforming the beauty industry by offering an individually customized treatment program that uses multiple (3-6) modalities to produce the optimal result. The Time Machine is highlighted by the use of new fractional ablative radiofrequency technology which promotes skin tightening, lifting, and resurfacing. Furthermore, this advanced technology rebuilds valuable collagen in the skin providing softer smoother skin.

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The Time Machine is used in conjunction with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy which signals youthful cell regenerating processes. All in all, with The Time Machine you will get significantly condensed pore size; excellent reduction of brown pigment, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles; and optimally enhanced volume. It only takes an hour or two to have The Time Machine and down time generally lasts two to four days. You really will look 5-10 years younger while getting not only the skin tightening and lifting of a facelift but also enhanced pore size, collagen promotion, and wrinkle and fine line improvement. You get all these benefits at only a fraction of the cost of a facelift and nowhere near the downtime! Call and schedule your free consultation to discuss your personally customized Time Machine.

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