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Lines and wrinkles can affect men and women of any age, causing them to look and feel much older than are. The natural movements of our faces and our expressions can help create these facial lines and make them much more prominent, deepening them quickly. However, many individuals are not yet ready to have more invasive treatments to improve these problems. For them, there’s Botox®. Botox is a safe, fast and effective injectable treatment that can substantially improve facial lines and wrinkles with lasting results when you have regular touch-ups. You can learn more about Botox and if the treatment is right for you now.

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable treatment which has been used safely in medical and cosmetic treatments for decades. The treatment is a neuromodulator which temporarily arrests muscle movements without harming muscle tissue. When introduced into the muscles of the face, which are responsible for lines and wrinkles, the neuromodulator can help smooth these facial aging signs and prevent them from becoming more severe, allowing individuals to look and feel much younger.

What facial areas can Botox improve?

Botox can help improve “dynamic” wrinkles primarily in the upper areas of the face. Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that result from consistent muscle movements in the same location, which can stress the skin and negatively impact skin tone, forming lines. These wrinkles typically occur between the eyebrows, resulting from squinting or frowning, for example, and also horizontally along the forehead and at the outer corners of the eyes.

Other treatments, however, are more effective in treating “static wrinkles,” which are the result of collagen loss rather than muscle movements. Static wrinkles often appear in the lower face, around the mouth and nose. These wrinkles can also be treated effectively, often at the same time you have your Botox treatment, with fillers specifically designed for these concerns. Talk to your Physicians Laser doctor now if you have these issues.

Understanding the Benefits of Botox

Botox’s popularity comes from the many advantages it has over other facial aging treatments. The primary benefits of Botox include:

  • A fast procedure correctly labeled a “lunchtime treatment”
  • Minimal to no discomfort
  • A highly-customizable treatment for optimal results
  • A well-understood, safe and effective procedure
  • No downtime or recovery after the procedure
  • Results which develop quickly and last up to three or four months

Among the most important benefits which a Botox treatment offers is the ability to delay invasive treatments for a longer period of time, and for some patients, indefinitely!

Do I qualify for a Botox treatment?

Most patients with early aging symptoms in the upper face will qualify for a Botox treatment. However, patients who have some rare, pre-existing conditions may not be able to have Botox. If you have one of the following diagnoses in your medical history, you will not qualify for a Botox treatment:

  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • Peripheral nerve disorder
  • Myasthenia gravis (an autoimmune condition affecting muscle tissue)
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Breathing or swallowing difficulties
  • Bladder control issues

Talk to your Physicians Laser doctor if you have any of these conditions, and he can suggest to you alternative treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals. You do have additional treatments available to you that are also safe and effective and you can derive similar benefits from these alternatives.

Where can I have Botox?

Botox treats facial aging symptoms affecting the upper areas of the face, specifically:

  • Horizontal lines in the forehead
  • Parallel lines between the eyebrows also called frown lines or the “11” lines
  • Horizontal lines in the bridge of the nose, also known as “bunny lines”
  • “Crow’s feet,” or lines in the outer corners of the eyes
  • The onset of a drooping brow line

If you have additional aging concerns in other parts of your body, your Physicians Laser doctor can recommend additional treatments you can have so you can enjoy total facial and body rejuvenation.

What will happen during my procedure?

Patients do not need to prepare in any way to have a Botox treatment. When you arrive for your injections, you will be made comfortable in the procedure room and your technician will cleanse the areas where you will have Botox. A topical anesthetic may be applied to increase your comfort but is often not necessary as the treatment is very comfortable. After the treatment area is prepared, you will receive the pre-determined amount of Botox in a series of quick injections using a thin needle.

The number of injections and the amount of Botox you will need will depend solely on your symptoms and desired level of rejuvenation. Once your injections are complete, you can leave your doctors office; you will have no downtime or aftercare requirements to adhere to. Some patients may experience some mild, temporary side effects such as bruising or swelling in the injections sites, but these issues will subside in a few hours, leaving you to enjoy your quickly developing results.

What results can Botox produce?

Some patients will see immediate results following their Botox treatment; for others, improvements will develop slowly over the next several days. For almost all patients, full results will be apparent after one week and will last for between three and four months. During that time, you can enjoy a refreshed, vibrant and more youthful-looking appearance with noticeably smoother lines and wrinkles and a relaxed and rested expression. Periodic touch-ups will be necessary to maintain your look and your follow-up sessions will be as quick, convenient and comfortable as your initial session.

Botox Before and After

Schedule your Botox consultation with Physicians Laser now!

A refreshed and youthful look often does not require invasive treatment. With Botox, you can have a younger and more refreshed look now with a treatment that is quick, safe, effective and lasting. Botox can improve mild to moderate facial aging symptoms while also preserving the features and expressions that make your look unique and attractive. Visiting a skilled practitioner is key to having the quality results you expect and deserve. Physicians Laser has helped countless clients achieve aesthetic goals they thought were not possible without surgery, and we look forward to providing you with the same personalized and attentive care. Men and women in the Sacrament and Rocklin areas can have quality cosmetic care now at Physicians Laser.

Call Physicians Laser to schedule your in-person Botox consultation and exam now. You can reach our offices at 916-625-9131. Physicians Laser looks forward to helping you regain a youthful look that allows your true personality to shine through. We hope to see you soon!

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