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Nail Fungus Removal – Genesis Plus – Rocklin

Nail fungus, whether it occurs on the fingers or toes, is an extremely frustrating condition that causes nails to become discolored and brittle. Chipped, discolored nails can be a major eyesore and cause embarrassment and even pain. However, with Genesis Plus laser nail fungus removal, there is an effective solution.

There are many types of nail fungus removal, but with a laser system like Genesis Plus, many patients experience improvement after just one treatment. Though it make take up to 12 months for a badly damaged nail to recover, the laser system works by heating and destroying the fungus deep in the skin tissue. Patients will generally feel a warm pinching sensation during the procedure. The number of treatments recommended depends on the severity of the infection.

Consult with an experienced practitioner like Dr. Roy Harris to learn more about nail fungus removal.

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