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Liposonix – FatTissue Reduction – Rocklin

Liposonix is a revolutionary technology that can remove fat without a single incision. If you’ve been bothered by the extra inch you can pinch around your stomach, then Liposonix may be right for you. With this fat-tissue reduction technique, you can have a slimmer, firmer, more sculpted body.

Liposonix is a fat-reduction system that works though the use of high-frequency ultrasound energy. The energy is pulsed deep into the fat layer without damaging the outer skin. The procedure lasts about an hour. Over the following three months, patients will see a reduction of about an inch around the targeted area. Your body is removing fat naturally without a single incision.

Speak with Dr. Roy Harris to learn more about Liposonix and fat-tissue reduction.

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