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Fractional Laser – Skin Resurfacing – Rocklin

Signs of aging like wrinkles, scarring and age spots are often seen as an inevitable part of life. However, modern cosmetic technologies can offer patients a solution that keeps their appearances youthful and radiant. The fractional laser system is an advanced cosmetic technology that can help rejuvenate your appearance and treat many signs of aging.

Dr. Roy Harris is proud to offer the SmartXide CO2 fractional laser skin treatment. Age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring can be softened and erased, leaving your skin smoother and revitalized. The treatment is FDA-approved and is also known to give patients firmer skin. The number of treatments needed is dependent on the patient’s goals and the conditions they are treating.

Contact us at our office in Rocklin to learn more about the SmartXide CO2 fractional laser skin treatment.

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